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& Credit,  projection mapping and installation, 2021

Project documentation

- Project documentation  |  프로젝트 전시 영상

& Credit, (2021). Taeheon Lee,

projection mapping and installation, mixed media, variable size,

Gwangju Cultural Foundation Media Art Residence 10th Anniversary Exhibition <Recovery>,

Gwangju, South Korea

"<& Credit> is a projection mapping installation with respect for the guardians of culture/art. I would like to express sincere gratitude to all relevant administrators, staff, artists, and audiences who are helping to keep the culture/arts continuing even during the Covid-19 pandemic."

"<& Credit>은 문화/예술 수호자들을 향한 존경을 담은 프로젝션맵핑 설치 작품입니다. 코로나 대유행 시기에도 문화/예술이 계속해서 흐를 수 있도록 도움을 주시는 모든 관련 행정가, 스텝, 작가, 그리고 관객분들에 대한 감사를 전합니다. "

Photo documentation
Project note

"I hoped the public installation piece of <& Credit> will have an aesthetic function both during the day and night. So it was installed at the entrance of the Gwangju Cultural Foundation to the east. It is designed to receive sunlight during the morning rush hour and to get image-light by projection mapping during the closing hour. I hope this will have the photo zone character of the film festival so that the cultural/arts administration staff will be congratulated and self-celebrated as the protagonists of this work."

"The video is divided into 3 parts, which composed with

1) Priming Water, 2) Seeds of Zeitgeist, and 3) Time Paradox.  

Each part was inspired by an interview with an administrative staff member of the Gwangju Cultural Foundation"

- Photo documentation  |  프로젝트 전시 사진

- Project note  |  작업 노트



<& Credit> contains people who shine in each position to complete the narrative of 'recovery in the Corona era'. In particular, the culture/art world has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are trying to recover it. The art preserved in this way will deliver inspiration and hope for life to those who are facing difficulties. The project of respect for the guardians of culture/art is installed at the main gate of the Gwangju Cultural Centre.     Click: View the original note (Caution! It would be long!)

<& Credit>는 프로젝션 맵핑 설치 작업이다. '코로나 시대의 회복'이라는 서사를 완성하려 각자에 위치에서 빛나는 사람들을 담았다. 특히 문화/예술계는 코로나 팬더믹으로 인해 큰 피해를 보았다. 많은 사람이 이를 회복하려 노력하고 있다. 이렇게 지켜진 예술은 어려움에 부닥친 이들에게 삶의 영감과 희망을 전달할 것이다. 문화/예술 수호자들을 향한 존경을 담은 설치물을 광주문화회관 정문에 설치한다.     클릭: 오리지널 기획의도 보러가기(긴 글 주의!)

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