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Airpocalypes | projection mapping project, 2020

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- Project documentation

Airpocalypse, documentation(excerpt), 2'24", 
projection mapping installation, 2019. work in progress,​

Taeheon Lee's 'Airpocalypse'(2019, work-in-progress) is a projection mapping project, focusing on air pollution cases between the United Kingdom in the 1950s and South Korea in 2000-2010s. He assumes that air pollution was just swiped to relatively low-income countries after the Great Smog in 1952. This work not only brings environmental pollution to the audience's notice but also illustrate human desire in the era of overproduction. He highlights endless desire that does not exist 'backward' will result in that the same pollution occurs in different time and space constantly. The visualising method of human shape is inspired by Yiyun Kang's <between series> and other works.

- Project description

- Photo documentation

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