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TaLK Orientation Video, 2011-2015

Project description

Teach and learn in Korea(TaLK) is a unique scholarship-volunteer programme by South Korea government. This programme is created to offer the opportunity for primary students living in countrysides in South Korea to learn English from native English speaking undergraduate students.


I was responsible in making documentaries while working at TaLK Orientation. I recorded the process during the programme, highlighting the connections between the dream of scholars and their students to inspire them figure out what they want to do after the orientation workshop.


Directing, producing, shooting, and media editing


Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Cannon 700D/1000D, and Sony PD-170


6 weeks each for per work.


Bgm playback is not smooth due to copyright issues. Please give me a request and I will send you a file.

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