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Art&Tech convergence art project:  AI Piano + Dance + Real-time movement/music visualization + Realistic content + Visual art + Media Research, 2023

5-person team project | Role in the team: Project director, production, planning, scenario, research

5인 팀 프로젝트 | 팀 내 역할: 대표, 총괄 제작, 기획, 극본, 리서치

Project Note

<All about Error> explores the question of "Can art, technology, and humans truly communicate? If it's challenging, what are the elements involved?" This project sheds light on the communication between humans, art, AI technology, and errors. Specifically, the project envisions the extension of human-centred thinking and coexistence in the process of recognizing machines, especially AI, as a species. This content delves into what exactly a "species" and "communication" are and expands into the question of how we should handle this concept. Consequently, the project is designed to discuss the fusion of art and technology, focusing on communication and coexistence within the contemporary hybrid ecosystem.

Related awards and grants information

This project was published with the support of “2023 Art and Technology Convergence Support Grant Program” of ARTS COUNCIL KOREA

This showcase was supported by the 2023 Realistic Content Production Studio Support Project 2023 of Gwangju Information & CONtent agency

The team 'Neo Harmonics' of project was awarded of 2022 Art&Tech Project Pitching Best Team Selected by ARTS COUNCIL KOREA

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