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Showreel 2019 (3:52) || 2010-2019, Professional and university projects at Royal College of Art

18/19 Showreel (short version, 30 seconds) || 2018-2019, University projects at Royal College of Art

, Breath Project:

Airpocalypse (2019)

Airpocalypse is a projection mapping project focusing on air pollution cases between the UK and South Korea.

A description is being ready


A 360-degree video and ambisonic audio experience developed in collaboration with community groups in Thurrock, Essex. At the River's Edge is an exploration of global warming and its effects past, present and future on people at the sharp end of rising sea levels, urban waste and pollution in the UK.

A description is being ready

Lift (2019)

Lift is an extream short film.

Sometimes, for those of us don't realise how easy to take a lift in life, and how hard someone to try to take the lift. But for those of us can bull our way again and again. 

A description is being ready

AI 9-5:



AI 9-5 is an ethnographic research project with RCA and Microsoft. (Prototype app and AI program design)

A description is being ready


Break the Box (2018)

Break the box is a moving image project with a scratched 16mm film. Rythmanalysis is a project from MA Animation at the Royal College of Art.

A description is being ready

Afterwork (2018)

Afterwork is an anti-immersive project with a projection mapping and performance.

A description is being ready

Saison Fleurie Workshop in Italy, 2017


Making videos and taking photos of a workshop with Ercole Moroni who is one of top-class florists, being held from Saison Fleurie Secure, 2017 Secure: Connected Britain or Controlled Britain? Secure is a fiction illustrating what could happen if we rely on the national government for our data security and hand over our data ownership to them.

SKKU Works, 2014-15

Working for Sungkyunkwan university as a teaching assistant in a studio of Instructional Support Team. Making internet lectures, K-MOOK, S-MOOK, and campus event videos.

The Daily Waltz, 2013

"How's your love?"

This movie set up circumstance to locked in a house from zombie and desperado...

Self-Portrait, 2012

"How's your dream?"​

Jung-won has been dreaming about her dream and picturing the happy moments...

TaLK Works, 2011-4

Working for National Institute for International Education(NIIED) of Republic Korea, as a media staff for making documentary films and taking pictures.

Other Works, 2008-

Working at the university, military duty, and companies



I'm a media artist based in London, experienced in filmmaking, photography, writing, 360/VR making and ambisonic sound design.

I'm Interested in storytelling with new technologies and media focusing on immersive experiences; with a theme of "growth and healing" from the power of humanity and love.

You can see my detail(CV) here

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